La Belle Classe Prizes 


Honouring owners, seafaring personalities and Ambassador nominees


Restoration, Art de Vivre, Innovation and the Environment: these are the prizes with which “La Belle Classe” honours owners and seafaring personalities who show a commitment to these fundamental values.


'La Belle Classe' restoration prize


This prize honours a yacht owner for a restoration project carried out on his or her yacht, whether it be completed, or still underway. The prize will be awarded for an authentic restoration; as well as a respect for etiquette, elegant lines, and an excellent level of decorum both at sea and ashore, for the boat and her crew alike.


As well as the activities to improve safety on the water, “La Belle Classe Tradition” reaches out beyond the world of racing. Created during Monaco Classic Week 2005, the Club’s mission is to unite owners of classic yachts and encourage them to protect our maritime heritage, to respect naval etiquette, the sea and the environment, and to promote high quality craftsmanship in order to pass on to future generations a priceless cultural heritage. This special prize was created to remind us all not to neglect the restoration and respect for etiquette, where elegant lines are complemented by a similar elegance on board, and a certain form of behaviour is adhered to at sea and ashore, both for the boat and her crew. This spirit goes way beyond a simple rating.
Members of the jury are guardians of the spirit of “La Belle Classe”. They include undisputed specialists in yachting history who inspect the yachts, one by one, and fully appreciate the quality of the restoration. The marking takes into account the knowledge of those who have restored them to a condition which respects the integrity of their original design, leaving the smallest gap possible between the initial design and the indispensable demands made by our modern times. Another very important criteria is the willingness of the owner to share their passion by taking part in the various events and contributing to articles or books following up to the restoration.

Past winners are:

2015 : Morwena (1914, 20 meters)

2013 : Nan (1896, 19.25 meters)

2011 : Mariquita (1911, 38.10 meters)

2009 : Javelin (1897, 25.91 meters)

2007 : Marigold (1892, 23.82 meters)

2006 : Lulworth (1920, 46.30 meters)

2005 : SS Delphine (1921, 79 meters) 


'La Belle Classe Art de Vivre' prize


Paying tribute to yacht owners and their yachting way of life, rewarding their philopsophy to yachting, their respect for etiquette, their crew’s decorum and the yachts circumnavigation history.


At international meetings and in collaboration with “La Belle Classe” organisers, the “Art de Vivre” Prize pays tribute to owners and their way of life in the yachting domain. 
Three criteria are taken into account: 
– The owner’s approach and philosophy to yachting (hours spent aboard, use of the yacht, etc.)
– Respect for etiquette and the crew’s behaviour during the various activities organised during the event (behaviour, quality of hospitality, general courtesy, fair play, etc.)
– Circumnavigation, concept/history and list of awards.

Past winners are:

– 2013 : M/Y Only Now, a 34-metre motor-yacht; owned by Mr and Mrs Ongör and built by Tansu Yachts in collaboration with Diana Yacht Design and delivered in August 2012.
– 2013: S/Y Mariska, gaff cutter (27m, 1908), owned by Christian Niels during the Bailli de Suffren (Saint-Tropez, June 2013).
– 2012: Quinta Essentia, superyacht (55m, 2011, Heesen), owned by Mr & Mme Valentin Zavadnikov (Russia), during The Boat International Rendezvous in Monaco (June 2012).
– 2012: A naval etiquette special mention was given to superyacht Lady Britt, (63m, 2011, Feadship), during The Boat International Rendezvous in Monaco (June 2012). 
– 2012: Lelantina, schooner (28m, 1937), during the Bailli de Suffren (Saint-Tropez, June 2012).
– 2011: Zefira, sailing yacht (50m, 2010, Fitzroy Yachts), owned by Mr & Mrs Salvatore Trifiro (Italy), during the Boat International Rendezvous in Monaco (June 2011). 
– 2010: Ingot, superyacht (47m, 2008, Burger Boat Company), owned by Mr & Mrs Howard Meyers (USA), during the Boat International Rendezvous in Monaco (June 2010). 
– 2010: Eilidh, a classic Bermudan schooner (18m, 1931, designed by Alfred Mylne) owned by Jean-François Béhard (FRA), during the Bailli de Suffren (Saint-Tropez, June 2010).
– 2009: Vistona, gaff cutter (17m, 1937, designed by William MacPherson Campbell), during the Bailli de Suffren (Saint-Tropez, June 2009).
– 2008: Thendara, gaff ketch (36m, 1937, designed by Alfred Mylne), during the Bailli de Suffren (Saint-Tropez, June 2008).
– 2007: Dorade, Bermudan yawl (16m, 1930, designed by  Olin Stephens), during the Nantucket Opera House Cup (USA, June 2008).

Le prix 'La Belle Classe' Innovation et Environnement


This prize is aimed at highlighting and promoting eco-friendly actions taken by yacht owners and key figures in the yachting industry.


We recognise that man’s biggest adventure lies in technical innovation and progress which provide an inexhaustible source of creativity. For is it not true that today’s classic yachts were once the precursors of new ratings, advanced technology and bold new architectural design?
The pioneers of today are developing projects that will become our heritage tomorrow: such is our ambition for “La Belle Classe” and the values it embraces! Convinced of the significance and power of having an example, and keen to live in accord with our time, we believe it is important to recognise certain modern yachts as references of their period for tomorrow.
Promotion of technological innovation and the ongoing quest to improve boats to safeguard the environment are two of the three fundamental values of “La Belle Classe Superyachts”. “La Belle Classe Innovation and Environment” Prize is aimed at promoting and supporting the actions taken by the owners and Yachting personalities for their initiatives to safeguard our planet.
Massimo Perotti, winner of the first “La Belle Classe Innovation & Environment” Prize

Special Prize


Past winners are:

– 2013 : Special Prize ‘La Belle Classe Superyachts”, Solandge (85.10m)
– 2013 : Special Prize ‘La Belle Classe Superyachts”, Galactica Star (65m)
– 2013 : Special Prize ‘La Belle Classe Superyachts”, Commodore Berardino Antonio Fanganiello (Iate Clube de Santos)
– 2010 : Special Prize ‘La Belle Classe Superyachts”, Mr J.P Tuveri, maire de Saint-Tropez