STCW Security Awareness – SSA

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Title: Certificate of “Security Awareness Course” leading to the delivery of the corresponding certificate.

STCW 2010 – Rule VI / 6 – Section A-VI / 6 – Table A-VI / 6-1


Purpose and Objectives of the Course:
• Contribute to strengthening marine security through increased staff awareness.
• Upon completion of the course, the trainee will be able to recognize threats to safety, to understand the need and the means to maintain an awareness of safety and the need to remain vigilant at all times.


• All seafarers, except persons in charge of specific tasks related to safety employed or engaged in any capacity on board a vessel must comply with the provisions of the ISPS Code, must hold a safety awareness certificate before being assigned to any task.


Conditions for Delivery of Certificates:
The instructor will carry out a continuous evaluation of the trainee’s knowledge, in order to validate the achievements of the trainee. The certificate will be issued to the holders of the certificate “safety awareness” by the trainer via the AMFORE software for maritime affairs.


Duration, Training Methods:
• Five hours which includes continuous assessment
• Theoretical training


Reference texts:
• Law of 19 November 2012 relating to maritime vocational training qualifications in the field of security and its annex I.
• GM1 note n ° 214 of 09/12/2013 and its appendix relating to the implementation of the decree of 19/11/2012.

Cost: €200 per person

Language: French



STCW Ship Security Officer -SSO

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Title: Certificate “Ship Security Officer” leading to A.S.N. Qualification Certificate


Purpose and objectives of the Course:
• Be able to assume the duties and responsibilities of a ship security officer.
• Upon completion of the course, the trainee will be able to provide and oversee the implementation of a ship security plan, assess security risks, threats and vulnerability, perform regular inspections of the ship to ensure the application and maintenance of appropriate measures, to ensure the correct use of safety equipment and systems, to promote awareness through awareness of safety and alertness.


People concerned, conditions for admission and prerequisites:
• Any person designated by the company as being responsible for the security of the vessel.


Conditions for Delivery of the Certificate:
• A test to validate the acquired skills in the form of a multiple-choice test is carried out at the end of the course.


Conditions for Delivery of the Certificate:
• To have completed all required courses.
• To have successfully passed the knowledge test with a score of 12/20 or higher.
• To have completed at least 12 months of navigation.


Duration, Training Methods:
• 21 hours (3 days).
• Theoretical and practical training (exercises, simulations).


Reference texts: Decree of 26/06/2008, modified by decree of 24/12/2013, relating to the delivery of the certificate of proficiency relating to the duties of Ship Security Officer and its appendix.


Cost: €800 per person
Language: French