La Belle Classe Destinations Charter


“The sea is a place of discipline and freedom” said Victor Hugo. Indeed it offers Man incredible freedom but it is certainly not a place where we can take liberties. The vastness of the oceans should not be an excuse for excess. It is up to us to set an example by adopting an exemplary attitude to the issues at stake and making all those around us aware of them. The success of the label ‘La Belle Classe by the Yacht Club de Monaco’, which unites owners and key players in the industry around essential values, including preservation of our marine environment, is very encouraging, a promise for the future.”

HSH Prince Albert II


With the purpose of upholding naval etiquette and ensuring that the spirit of seafarers lives on, ‘La Belle Classe Destinations’ is founded on the sharing of common values of marinas and the desire to perpetuate a long tradition of expertise, where prestige, elegance and excellence constitute the principal foundations of their way of life.




The purpose of this label is to bring marinas with yacht clubs of a high standard together to provide superyacht owners with Destinations of Excellence. – Recognising the Yacht Club de Monaco’s commitment to safeguarding our maritime heritage, its respect for naval etiquette and associated values, be they with regard to common courtesy and good manners, skills and expertise, or protection of the marine environment, – Providing superyacht owners with an exclusive selection of the world’s finest marinas and yacht clubs, through the ‘La Belle Classe Destinations’ label, by offering a guaranteed high level quality of reception and services, amenities and infrastructure.



In pursuance to “La Belle Classe Destinations”, which aim is to promote: “The Yachting Spirit for destinations of excellence”, and promises to honour the ‘La Belle Classe Destinations’ charter and its three fundamental values:

– Respect for etiquette and the creation of a Club’s spirit: by complying with codes and customs which are the true heritage of the Yachting fraternity, taking account of the way a yacht’s owner and crew behave and dress, come to the aid of others, and respect all other yachts whatever the circumstances and the scope of events offered to animate the marina and the Clubhouse (existence or creation of events, training facilities for all ages including sailing school, etc).

– An ability to innovate and to ensure the high level standard of quality and services of ‘La Belle Classe Destinations’, by also supporting superyachts’ owners in their yachting experience.

– Respect for the environment and the sea: by adopting an environmentally responsible attitude at all times, including quality of infrastructure and facilities for both guests and crew with a strong emphasis on eco-friendly installation and proof of Environmental Commitment, in terms of both construction and operation.

Admission to ‘La Belle Classe Destinations’ cannot be solicited, it is not a right, only those who demonstrate an actual commitment and a sincere desire to defend these principles will be granted membership.