La Belle Classe Superyachts Charter 


“I owe it to my former mentors, rugged men who inherited from their ancestors the courage, nobility and generosity, without which there is no true sailor, to tell them how proud of them I am.”

Prince Albert 1st


With the purpose of upholding naval etiquette and ensuring that the spirit of the seafaring community lives on, “La Belle Classe Superyachts” is founded on the sharing of common values and the desire to perpetuate a long tradition of expertise where prestige, elegance, and excellence are the principal foundations of their way of life.

Those who sign the Charter recognise the Yacht Club de Monaco’s commitment to safeguarding our maritime heritage and its respect for naval etiquette and associated values, be they with regard to common courtesy and good manners, expertise, or protection of the marine environment;

and share the desire to preserve these values in order to pass them on to future generations, while also promoting innovation, through boat design and new technologies which respect the environment and save energy.



They are also aware of being only a trustee, whose ambition is to safeguard craftsmanship and artisan know how for interior design.

In pursuance to the “La Belle Classe Superyachts” Charter which consists in: “Encouraging innovation and accompanying the future development of yachting”.


The owner who signs this Charter promises to honour the three fundamental values of “La Belle Classe Superyachts”:

– Respect for etiquette: by complying with codes and customs which are the true heritage of the Yachting fraternity, taking account of the way a yacht’s owner and crew behave and dress, come to the aid of others, and respect all other yachts whatever the circumstances: these are the rules of courtesy and solidarity between members of “La Belle Classe”.

– Respect for the environment and the sea: by adopting an environmentally responsible attitude at all times, to include maintenance (with eco-friendly products) and employing new or existing technologies, such as ecologically sound fuels, hybrid engines, reducing CO2 emissions, the use of Pods to preserve the seabed, and other actions.

– An ability to innovate and embrace new technologies: by producing, adapting, employing and promoting new technologies, elegance and harmony of design, in order to develop Yachting while preserving the environment. Research is vital to the future evolution of Yachting. This owner therefore agrees to be an Ambassador of “La Belle Classe Superyachts” and to promote and to defend these values at every opportunity. Admission to “La Belle Classe” cannot be solicited, there are no enrolment fees, only those who demonstrate an actual commitment and a sincere desire to defend these principles will be granted membership.