La Belle Classe Tradition Charter


“I owe to my former mentors, rugged men who inherited from their ancestors, courage, nobility, and generosity – without which there is no true sailor – to say to them how proud of them I am”.

Prince Albert 1st


With the purpose of upholding naval etiquette and to ensure that the spirit of the seafaring community lives on, “La Belle Classe Tradition” is founded on the sharing of common values of dedication to perpetuating a long tradition of expertise where prestige, elegance and excellence are the principal foundations of their way of life.

Recognising the Yacht Club de Monaco’s commitment to safeguarding our maritime heritage, its respect for naval etiquette and associated values, be they with regard to a way of life, knowledge and skills, or protection of the marine environment, and sharing the desire to preserve those common values in order to pass them on to future generations, each member undertakes to respect the “La Belle Classe Tradition” Charter and its three fundamental values:

– Preservation of our maritime heritage and its yachts – Respect for naval etiquette – Protection of the sea and the environment in accordance with “La Belle Classe Tradition”’s vocation, which is to: “Navigate the past to build the future”



The objectives are as follows:


– Preservation of our maritime heritage and respect for all craft and elements considered as forming part of, or being ancillary to, that heritage.

– Respect for history, and the maintenance and conservation of the yacht which the owner has under his or her care, and on behalf of which the owner shall make every effort to preserve its authenticity and original design.

– Observance of maritime customs and regulations, concerning mutual assistance, fellowship and hospitality in accordance with naval etiquette, on land as at sea.

– Participation in traditional yacht gatherings, promoting courteous and respectful behaviour as befits a gentleman, at all times and in all circumstances towards other competitors, yachts and people in general.

– Sharing and communicating the pleasures of the sea and its values.

– Respect for the environment and the sea.

Admission to “La Belle Classe Tradition” cannot be solicited, it is not a right, only those who demonstrate an actual commitment and a sincere desire to defend these principles will be granted membership.