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5 May 2016
Pole2Pole: Mike Horn weighs anchor on his latest expedition
8 May 2016

Mike Horn weighs anchor on a new challenge – Pole2Pole

Round the world via the two poles (direction South / North)

Departing Sunday 8th of May 2016 from Monaco



At an event held on his sailboat Pangaea attended by HSH the Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco at the Yacht Club de Monaco, the Swiss-South African adventurer Mike Horn presented his latest expedition: Pole2Pole.

A sportsman famous for his extreme adventures, Mike Horn leaves on Sunday 8th of May in the afternoon on an epic journey linking the two poles (from South to North) on skis, kayak, an all-terrain 4×4 and his ice-breaker sailboat, the Pangaea.


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A vertical circumnavigation he plans to complete in just two years, with the support of his partners including Mercedes-Benz, the challenge is in the image of the man: impressive!


The purpose of his expeditions is to explore the culture and nature of remote regions, sharing his experiences and discoveries with people all over the world.

“When you fly over a country you can’t claim to know it. But when you cross it by car or on skis, or sail along its coastline you can discover so many new things, enjoy the beauty of nature and understand the lives of those who live there,” said the man who is recognized as the greatest explorer of modern times. He was the first to descend the entire length of the Amazon from its source, solo and without assistance, to walk to the North Pole during the Arctic night, and circumnavigate the world round the equator without using any motorised transport.  

“Four years after my round the world tour on Pangaea, it is a real pleasure for me to be starting out again from Monaco. I would like to sincerely thank His Serene Highness Prince Albert II for being here with us today. I know he is deeply committed to protecting our planet. An accomplished sportsman, His Highness honoured me by joining me in the Antarctic in 2009 to assess the impact global warming is having on the continent, and we spent two days hiking on skis in extreme weather conditions,” said Mike Horn, who paid tribute to his two daughters, Annika (23) and Jessica (22) who have actively participated in the preparation of this project.


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Pole2Pole – a unique 360o expedition


Mike Horn will leave Monaco on Sunday 8th of May 2016 aboard his 35m sailboat, Pangaea, heading south to Namibia in southern Africa.

He will continue, alone, in a 4×4 across the world’s oldest desert, the Namib, on the Namibian coast. This part of the trip will lead Mike Horn across Botswana’s Okavango Delta, the world’s largest inland delta, then to Cape Town in South Africa.


From there, Pangaea will take him to Antarctica that he will cross on skis, aided by a kite when the wind is in his favour, pulling a 200kg sled of supplies. He will have to undertake a traverse of 5,800km to reach the South Pole, scaling mountains nearly 4,900m high. Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Charles Burton made this crossing on foot during their motorised circumpolar navigation in 1979-1982.


Mike will then re-join Pangaea to sail across the Pacific and Oceania, exploring selected regions in New Zealand and Australia.

In Papua New Guinea, the Class G will be waiting for him for an expedition, solo, through virgin rain forests.


Once in Asia, another all-terrain expedition will take him across the Kamchatka tundra, before he heads for the North Pole.

He will continue his journey on skis and by kayak as far as Greenland where he will pick up his boat again and complete the loop with a sailing leg to Europe, back to his departure point, the Principality of Monaco.


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To follow his expedition: and hashtag #Pole2Pole on his social networks (Instagram: @MikeHornExplorer, Twitter: @ExploreMikeHorn, Facebook: Mike Horn).