Flotte des Commissaires

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The ‘Flotte des Commissaires’ was created to unite and provide a structure for all the officials who play such a key role in nautical and social events at the Yacht Club de Monaco.



Its mission:

– Assist the Yacht Club de Monaco with the management of events, by organising the officials who are responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly and safely

– Put forward volunteer leaders to coordinate the teams of officials with the Yacht Club de Monaco

Promote achievements in the ‘Flotte des Commissaires’ to retain the loyalty of volunteers

Make the activities attractive to people aspiring to join the ‘Flotte des Commissaires’

– Establish a training structure as the backbone to ensure all its members can progress and remain exemplary in their fields of expertise

Foster a Club Spirit within the ‘Flotte des Commissaires’


This “fleet” includes volunteers, YCM employees and regatta experts (Jury, Umpire, Race Committee…)

As the ‘Flotte de Commissaires’ must be able to assist at regattas outside of YCM events, the plan is for a training curriculum that leads to official certificates.


Contact : Flotte des commissaires - commissaires@ycm.org