The Yacht Club de Monaco’s Sports Section offers members a wide variety of sailing activities adapted to their age, level and nautical experience. Training and courses on Bugs or Toppers are run all year round by six qualified instructors and coaches.



For new children who have never participated in sailing courses:

  • Entry fee : €90
  • License : €30
  • Annual contribution : €130


For renewals or children who have already participated in sailing camps:

  • Entry fee  : FREE
  • License : €30
  • Annual contribution : €130


All year round, children from 6 to 18 have the chance to immerse themselves in sailing at camps organised during the school holidays. From beginners to those who want to improve, these multi-activity courses are fun and educational. As well as encouraging them to sail on Bugs and/or Toppers, children learn the vocabulary and jargon.

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