Captain’s Forum


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Place of honor for the Captains

Launched in September 2007, this club, for captains qualified with the captain 500 certificate (or equivalent), has more than 120 members. Through this entity, the Yacht Club’s objective is to offer captains of all nationalities a meeting point where they can share ideas and experiences all year round.
“While the Yacht Club brings together more than 800 boat owners, we wished also to open our doors to the captains, who are essential players in the yachting world”, explained Bernard d’Alessandri, General Secretary of the Yacht Club de Monaco.
This Club is a combination of friendly meetings (Captains’ Regatta, Ski outings, miscellaneous events organized in collaboration with the SBM) and more conventional meetings for captains to debate yachting news items at the YCM, once a month, on Thursdays before the Happy Hour, in an informal environment.






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