Club History



For over 700 years the Principality of Monaco’s destiny has been firmly tied to the sea, due to the policies of its Princes. As a space of exploration, pleasure and freedom, the Mediterranean has allowed Monaco to build on its economy, industry, tourism and leisure activities.


1959_sigle YCM et sous marin
1963_XII tournoi International Flying Dutchman Snipes 13-15 avril


By the end of the 19th century the Principality’s reputation as an international venue for yachting events was flying high, attracting some of the biggest names in finance, industry and entertainment. The first regattas were held in the bay of Monaco in 1862, although it was not until 1888 that the “Société des Régates” was established by Prince Charles III and his son Prince Albert, affectionately known as the “Oceanographer Prince”. With development of the internal combustion engine, the first international events for motorboats were held in 1904, and all the big sailing and motor yachts flocked to the Principality to be part of these historic gatherings. Within a few years, Monaco had become the centre of the world when it came to innovation and fashionable water sports.


On 19 May 1953, Prince Rainier III of Monaco founded the Yacht Club de Monaco. It was a natural evolution for the “Société des Régates”, with the aim being “to develop, encourage, and serve the promotion of the Principality in the Yachting sector”. That is still the case today, as it was in 1984, when H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco agreed to be its President.


In April 1984, when H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco agreed to be its President, he developed the sporting side of the YCM, therefore reinforcing the existing youth regatta competitors educating structure, particularly its light sailing section and by creating new international events.


And so from the first year of its presidency, will be organized: The Primo Cup which stood out as the biggest gathering of monotype yachts in the Mediterranean Sea, the transatlatic Monaco – New York always memorable with the cooperation of the Monaco crew Biotonus-YCM, and the Formula 40 ‘ Grand Prix.


Persuaded that the reading of past is a key for the construction of the future, H.S.H. Prince Albert II also put the emphasis on classic Yachting with the organization from 1994 of the Monaco Classic Week, the creation and coordination during five years of a unique circuit for vintage and classic yachts, the Prada Challenge for Classic Yachts, without forgetting the acquisition of Tuiga in 1995, since becoming the flagship of the YCM. More recently, it is also under its impulse, was launched in 2005 the “La Belle Classe” label, which federates ship owners around a Charter, defending essential values: respect for the etiquette, safeguard of the environment, preservation of our heritage for classic yachts and innovation for luxury yachting.